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Parts of a Whole Playing Cards

Equivalent Fractions Playing Cards

Geometry Formula Playing Cards

Geometry Definition Playing Cards

We are proud to offer our first five middle school math games.

Integer Bingo: with each roll of the dice, there are up to 9 different sums and differences to create. Choose the one that will help you yell "Bingo" first. Instructor's Best of 2004.

Parts of a Whole Playing Cards: Our #1 seller! Play normal card games with this deck that gives 1/2, 50%, 0.5, and a half-filled-in pie chart the same color scheme.

Equivalent Fractions Playing Cards: play normal card games with this deck that uses color schemes to reinforce equivalencies.

Geometry Formula Playing Cards : match geometry formulae with 2D and 3D objects in games like go fish, old maid, memory, and crazy eights.

Geometry Definition Playing Cards: color schemes allow self-correcting of matches among objects or concepts, examples, and their definitions.

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