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Parts of a Whole



Comments about Parts of a Whole Playing Cards from various teacher-judges in Learning® Magazine's 12th Annual Teachers Choice Award for the Classroom 2006

What aspects make this a powerful learning tool?

This product was a great review for fractions, decimals, and percents. It was powerful because the kids were having fun while sharpening their math skills.

Although this is a game, and being a card game, one that appeals to middle school students, it is a classroom tool that requires students to think. They must compare and understand fractions, decimals, and percents. I also like the way it can be made more difficult by using more cards. The various different suggestions for playing the game were helpful, too.

What made this an enjoyable learning experience for students?

The cards as concrete manipulatives helped students visualize relationships among fractions, percents, and decimals. Learning was disguised as fun.

The game offered flexibility. The choice of different games and the option to make games easier or more difficult depending on my goals as a teacher was beneficial.

The students were playing cards so they had fun. It was nice to see them enjoying themselves while doing math!!!!

Students love to play cards. They are eager to have a chance to use these, and learn while they are doing it. Although it is a competitive games, they actually build cooperative skills as they help each other determine the values on their cards while searching for the ones they themselves need.

What skills did your students learn?

My students learned decimal, percent, and fraction equivalents. I was amazed and proud to see some of them doing the work in their heads.

Students gain a working and practical knowledge of percents, decimals, and fractions. They are able to visually see what numbers are representing, and how they work together as parts of a whole.

Would you recommend this to another teacher?

Yes, the value of the cards would be worth the cost. The ability to integrate these concepts into one game is a valuable asset.

I would suggest it as a product for the special ed department or a low level performing class as a concrete way to look at the math symbols involving percents and fractions.

Yes, the product was of good quality, easy to use, and required little preparation time. It also allowed multiple groups to play simultaneously.

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