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Integer Bingo Wins Best of 2004


Comments about Integer Bingo from various teacher-judges in Learning® Magazine's 12th Annual Teachers Choice Award for the Classroom 2006

What aspects make this a powerful learning tool?

This product was a powerful learning tool because there are multiple possible answers per problem. Each roll makes a math problem. The game has students strategically combine dice.

The pace of the game reinforces practicing fundamental integer operations. The multiple equation options promotes thinking and problem solving skills.

What made this an enjoyable learning experience for students?

Students enjoyed the dice, markers, and boards. They liked the choice factor with adding and subtracting and three dice. It wasn't a standard text activity. There was easy set up, and easy directions.

They all knew how to play before we started so very little preparation time was needed. Many students attempted to race to a winning combination, so if the first set of operations tried was not on the path they were trying to complete they would attempt other operations by working backwards from answer to equation numbers.

The whole game aspect was fun for them. They tried to come up with different number sentences to achieve "Bingo".

What skills did your students learn?

Students learned decision making, game strategy, and practice of integers. In teams there is an element of cooperative learning.

They worked on their integer fundamentals without a calculator.

They learned how to manipulate numbers to come up with a total. This is an important skill - the reverse of what they are normally presented with.

Would you recommend this to another teacher?

Yes, this game adds an element of fun to learning. Students like choice, they are familiar with all the ways Bingo can be played. There is very little set up or supervision involved.

Yes, I would recommend it because the game can be changed around to suit your teaching needs. The students really enjoyed the game and were debating over answers. Just what a math teacher wants to see!

I would recommend this to other teachers. It is a tool that could easily be used by beginning teachers or those with many years of experience, since it is an innovative way to practice negative and positive numbers.

Yes, it is fun and educational.

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