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Integer Bingo Wins Best of 2004



2005 Winner of Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award!

Winner of Instructor Magazine's Best of 2004!

Comments from Learning® Magazine's 12th Annual Teachers Choice Award for the Classroom 2006

Integer Bingo is Not Your Average Bingo Game. Reinforce addition and subtraction of integers. With every roll of the dice, there are 12 right answers, each obtained by players using a negative number. More advanced players will play a strategy game, testing all 12 sums and differences to find one that uses their board best; less advanced players will play a mechanical game of adding or subtracting; however, the game is covertly a probability game so anyone can win.

Includes instructions, 6 different boards with permission to copy for classroom purposes, three integer dice (two negative and one positive), and 6 dry erase markers.

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95

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