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Legani Games works with you to make you succeed.

How to Contact Legani Games

Legani Games sells directly to teachers, parents, and schools. Please use our order form to ensure accuracy. For payment by check or money order, use the mailing address below. For Visa or Mastercard, call, mail or fax. Purchase Orders are accepted via fax, email, and regular mail.

Legani Games also sells indirectly through mail order catalogs, websites, and traditional retailers. To get started selling our products, use any contact method below or visit us in Booth 1806 at Ed Expo 2009.

Speaking Engagements
Legani Games does in-service trainings for teachers. The founder has also spoken to college students about the fun and expenses of entrepreneurship. Please call to set up a mutually convenient date for either.

This company would not exist without the efforts of countless mentors so we always make time to help others. For example, if you are thinking of starting your own games business, become more informed by checking out Games Design FAQs and Discover Games.

Legani Games LLC
35 Collinwood Road
Suite 100
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040
Toll-free: 1-888-Legani Games (1-888-534-2644)
Phone: 347-922-2625
Fax: 973-378-9524

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