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Legani Games sells five award-winning middle school math games which reinforce addition and subtraction with integers, equivalencies in fractional value, and geometry concepts and formulae.

In other words, we create math games which help people practice

1) adding and subtracting integers,

2) recognizing the relative values and matches among fractions, decimals, percents, and pictures,

3) and, separately, among equivalent fractions,

4) recognizing the formulae for two and three dimensional objects -- in other words, perimeter, area, surface area, and volume,

5) and, lastly, learning the definitions for 29 middle school geometry concepts.

As an added benefit, these games have differentiated play built in. Four games use color-coding to enable the less advanced to play matching card games. The fifth uses the lure of options to slow down the more advanced. As a result, people of different abilities can be playing simultaneously.

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